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This cured my headache (No joke).

LD-W responds:

brb selling the WAV to big pharma to use as a headache cure

This was really nice. Everything from the opening choral bit with the sub bass thumps to the mid section with all the arpeggios and lush pads. I also liked how the ending contained some elements of the opening with the synth voices, but was more sparse/quiet. Omnisphere has some really nice sounds; I might have to get it one of these days.

Deemo-R responds:

A late response, buuuuuut - I have nothing bad to say about Omnisphere, I absolutely endorse and recommend it to anyone that considers it! Glad you liked it, I always liked ambient music back when I started writing, but I haven't really gotten myself to do much with it these days. It felt kinda right getting to do a track like this again, even if a bit rudimentary in some aspects; concert music has been getting me down a lot and I love reaching out into different areas to feel revitalized! :)

Why are ratings so low? This is awesome! You totally got the vibe down I think. The mixing is pretty solid too. Everything is really clear. From a composition standpoint it's perfect too! Congrats on writing such a solid piece of music! :D

Deemo-R responds:

Urgh, sorry - one of those is my own, lol. I was showing a friend the finished file on my phone and he asked the same thing (sitting at a 1.38 before), so I showed him that I could rate my own submissions and didn't change it afterwards. I'm glad you think it turned out nicely! I've always been pretty self-conscious about how unstructured and disparate my compositions have been in the past, so it's a bit relieving to hear that this one came off well. Thanks so much for the kind words, and I hope to be hearing some more of your work soon as well!

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Looks sick! I love all the different shades of blue.

Fantastical work; can’t wait to read Wyit, Reagan! :D

reaganlodge responds:

Thanks CloakedSoap, can't wait to get it into your hands too!

Best thing you've ever made. Wow. I'm literally crying.

A professional composer with a Bachelor's degree in music theory and composition from Central Michigan University. If you're interested in collaborating, message me!

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