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This was really nice. Everything from the opening choral bit with the sub bass thumps to the mid section with all the arpeggios and lush pads. I also liked how the ending contained some elements of the opening with the synth voices, but was more sparse/quiet. Omnisphere has some really nice sounds; I might have to get it one of these days.

Deemo-R responds:

A late response, buuuuuut - I have nothing bad to say about Omnisphere, I absolutely endorse and recommend it to anyone that considers it! Glad you liked it, I always liked ambient music back when I started writing, but I haven't really gotten myself to do much with it these days. It felt kinda right getting to do a track like this again, even if a bit rudimentary in some aspects; concert music has been getting me down a lot and I love reaching out into different areas to feel revitalized! :)

Why are ratings so low? This is awesome! You totally got the vibe down I think. The mixing is pretty solid too. Everything is really clear. From a composition standpoint it's perfect too! Congrats on writing such a solid piece of music! :D

Deemo-R responds:

Urgh, sorry - one of those is my own, lol. I was showing a friend the finished file on my phone and he asked the same thing (sitting at a 1.38 before), so I showed him that I could rate my own submissions and didn't change it afterwards. I'm glad you think it turned out nicely! I've always been pretty self-conscious about how unstructured and disparate my compositions have been in the past, so it's a bit relieving to hear that this one came off well. Thanks so much for the kind words, and I hope to be hearing some more of your work soon as well!

Violin AND solo violin!?!? Damn boi! :P

In all seriousness, I really loved the textures you created in the opening. Did you combine bowed vibraphone with string harmonics? Once the violin began playing the melodic line it became really beautiful. The following rhythmic parts created a nice sort of contrast, but I think that the preceding melodic part could have been stretched out more or even used for more of a big climax. Overall really nice job! Some lovely textures and composing here.

Deemo-R responds:

Yessir, I thought the bowed vibraphone would sit pretty well with the harmonics (a minor second from the viola harmonic), and I thought it sounded pretty interesting in practice - although the accompanying strings have mutes on for the entire piece, which may have caused the harmonics to not speak as well as I hoped. The recording setup also picked up a lot of AC hum, which makes me sadpanda...

Totally agree with you on the brevity of the melodic content, though; I was planning to make a LOT more happen with the rhythmic section, including developing that melodic content more, but I had to settle for something shorter since the first section was so slow and ate up a lot of time. There's still some motivic unity, but I personally like having more direct references lol. All in all, I was really just happy to hear real people play this instead of the usual MIDI feedback!

Thanks a ton for the insight, Collin! Really appreciate your compliments! :D

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Yeah! More art that isn't porn! And it's adorable! :D

That's adorable.

It's always nice to see your art popping up on my feed; Even if I'm not interested in any of the 'adult' stuff that you get commissioned to do. :P

An aspiring composer and writer/storyteller. If you're interested in collaborating, message me! :D

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