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This is really cool! While I don't believe I have synesthesia personally, I have always associated certain keys with certain colors (like C major being yellow, B major being blue, E major being bright green, etc.) it's interesting to see videos like this though. Thanks for putting this out! :D

Syamori responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed! You may be surprised to know that associating keys with certain colors actually is synesthesia. Associative synesthesia is typically much lighter than projective forms, but it still is considered synesthesia. And personally, I believe that version might have a bit more to do with musical training than anything else, with the form I depicted here being a bit similar to echolocation instead.

Also, unlike what most researchers and health websites have said in the past, I actually trained this ability over the course of two years, simply by meditating on it and upgrading my sound equipment. I was 17 when I first noticed I might have synesthesia - after listening to music 24/7 for 4 years - and I only saw faint colors in the distance. Specifically focusing on it from then-on gradually made it more intense. So, if you already have associative synesthesia, I don't think it'd be too difficult to obtain other forms of it as well, such as this one.

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WOW! Given the description this piece is very solid! Writing 4 1-2 minute pieces in a day sounds crazy! Basically just taking a basic idea and just going with it. Excited to collab with you when you have the chance. ;D

Deemo-R responds:

Thanks! It is crazy, writing at this speed is the antithesis of how I work and I'm struggling to keep energy up with each new piece haha. Basic ideas for sure are the way to go (at least for now) to avoid using up every idea in a single track. The orchestra got pushed back on a bit so the rest of things have gotten a bit more hybrid-sounding.

I'm super excited to collaborate as well! Working on clearing some space for it this week!

Fantastic! I love the mix of minute dissonance in the piano chords with the solo oboe and pitched percussion in the background. That kind of orchestration/ensemble reminds me of the original Ori game music. There's also a subtle climax in the middle with the oboe solo; I especially like the feeling of coldness that the string arrangement gives with such a wide gap between the violins and double basses.

Overall, I think this would work as excellent game music! Excited to see what your next assignments or personal stuff sounds like! :D

Deemo-R responds:

Hey man, good to see you still around! I definitely feel like I lifted a light tuft of Ori ideas with this one - I just finished Will of the Wisps last month and went to a virtual event Gareth Coker did with Guy Whitmore on the music and audio implementation for that game, so it was fresh in my mind. I'm glad you like how the track sounds! I do love how subtle string textures can really change the whole vibe of any orchestration - it reminds me that I still have a lot of things to learn on the production side (which I've always been neglecting to practice). The main thing I worry about with this track is how clear the landmarks are; I think it would need maybe a bit of testing depending on how many loops it goes through on average + the ambience of the area. It's really just a concept track so I didn't worry so much about that at the time! Thanks so much for your review and I hope you're still doing great out there!

Wonderful interpretation!

Phonometrologist responds:

Glad you think so. Thank you for taking the time to let me know!

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Great work! Merry Christmas! :D

Bad ass stuff Reagan! :D

reaganlodge responds:

Thanks Soup!

This image is sick! It has an almost mosaic like quality that I really admire, like it could be a stained glass window in a church or something. Fantastic work! :D

Syamori responds:

Thanks!! I'm glad you like it :D

If you're interested in collaborating or commissioning me, send me a DM!

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